Singapore Occupational Health Services Pte Ltd Operatednhs leadership essay as a department of Wilterm Engineering Pte Ltd for over 18 years under the Leadership of William Goh who was the Deputy President of Singapore Confederation of Industries, Chairman of Comm for Occupational Health And Safety, Deputy Chairman of Singapore Industrial Safety Standard Committee (PSB), Chairman of Technical Comm on Personal Safety in Work Place (PSB) and member of the Safety Award Comm (MOM).

In October 1997, it became a separate entity specifically to cater for an increasing demands for industrial health services. The initial activity of the company was to provide hearing conservation programs to industries. In fact, we were the pioneers for audiometric services in Singapore, carrying out screening hearing tests for workers long before it became statutory when the Factories Act Amendment (Medical Examination 1985) became the specific law for hearing conservation. We are equipped with book report writing services canada 2 soundproof audiometric mobile vans with double  testing booths to provide cost effective and faster  on site services to industries, thus reducing down time for workplace operations.

Additionally, other health services such as analysis of health hazards such as chemicals deemed hazardous under the Factories Act, statutory medical examinations, pre-employment and annual medical examinations, blood screening tests, training and talks on hearing conservation and healthy lifestyle promotion to workers, noise survey and control as well as consultation on occupational health issues. In keeping with current trends towards electronic storage and transmission, we are able to provide reports in various formats and customize software programs to cater to the needs of industries in the management of health-related issues.

Each of the services offered by us can be tailored according to your requirements. With our pool of highly skilled and adequately trained staff, we are able to provide high quality services and also ensure that all your occupational health needs are addressed.

Occupational health aims to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical; mental and social well‐being of workers in all occupations; to prevent decline in health caused by their working conditions; to protect workers in their employment from risks resulting from factors adverse to health; and to place and maintain workers in an occupational environment adapted to their physiological and psychological capabilities. In summary, it aims to adapt work to the workers and each worker to his or her job.1 Within this frame, a critical function of the occupational health doctor is to assess whether such adaptation occurs spontaneously or if modifications or accommodations are necessary.